Examples of Programmatic SEO Strategies, Which Ones Should Be Kept in Mind in 2023

Examples of Programmatic SEO Strategies, Which Ones Should Be Kept in Mind in 2023

The field of search engine optimization has a more pragmatic side, and that side is known as programmatic SEO. You are able to easily generate thousands of pages, which will allow you to capitalise on prospective visitors who are seeking for variants of the content that is already available on your website.

In most circumstances, search engine optimization (SEO), which is essential to being visible on the internet, is only beneficial in the long term and requires a significant investment of time. With the programmed track, achieving a better ranking may be accomplished in what seems like the blink of an eye.

With programmatic SEO, you can answer search queries with hundreds of pieces of content that are automatically generated and based on data. These pieces of content are engaging, fascinating, and instructional. Let’s dig headfirst into the benefits of using programmatic SEO with some tried-and-true examples and tactics!

What does it mean to use programmatic SEO?

Performing programmatic search engine optimization involves the creation of hundreds or thousands of pages or articles based on data collected via the use of automation. Its goal is to improve these sites’ rankings on Google, which will result in an increase in the quantity of organic traffic they get.

Through the use of programmatic SEO, a significant amount of time may be saved that would otherwise be spent personally building, authoring, and prioritising each page. You might publish a huge number of pages in only a few short days!

If you have the correct team and infrastructure, you should be able to employ programmatic SEO to increase your organic exposure, which will allow you to attract and convert audiences with high intent.

Exemplary Cases of Programmatic Search Engine Optimization

The programmatic emphasis of search engine optimization has been of great assistance to a great number of well-known websites in their efforts to rapidly acquire more visitors. Let’s take a look at three effective instances of programmatic SEO that you may employ in 2023:

1. Zapier

Zapier, which is one of the most popular platforms for integrating business applications, use programmatic search engine optimization (SEO) to produce pages that are optimised for the search phrase “how to connect apps,” which the company found to be utilised by the vast majority of its customers. A programmatic way of thinking led to the creation of thousands of pages on the links between various tools, such as “Google Sheets WordPress integration.” These pages do not contain any text. Instead, they only provide material that has been dynamically updated, such as the well-known “Zaps,” as well as supporting triggers and connections to courses that are pertinent.

2. Wise

This fintech company now gets an estimated 6.4 million organic visitors every single month due to the popularity of its multi-currency accounts as well as its lightning-fast and cost-effective international money transfers.

After seeing the success that Wise has had, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that their material is reflective of what their customers want. Wise makes an effort to be visible in the search results throughout the whole of the client journey. There is a lot of information to cover, particularly at the beginning of the funnel, and this is very important to Wise. With regard to the different currencies, it creates a variety of web sites for each nation that contributes funds. These websites are almost similar to one another, with the exception of the nation names.

3. Booking.com

Booking.com, which is one of the most well-known online travel markets, has developed a separate web page for every city in the globe by using the comprehensive list of hotels that they have in their database. As a direct consequence of this, an increased number of consumers see their material on the SERPs and choose them as their service provider of choice.

Think about how many places and hotels there are all around the globe, as well as the amount of web pages that need to be made. Booking.com was able to achieve a constant ranking for the desired keyword combinations by implementing programmatic SEO. Some examples of these combinations are “hotels in” and “resorts for meetings in reviews.”

How to Put a Programmatic Search Engine Optimization Strategy Into Action

When employing programmatic SEO, there are a few processes that must be followed in a certain order.

  1. Research on Specific Keywords

Conducting in-depth keyword research is the most important component of any programmatic SEO campaign. When working on a big number of pages, it is essential to pick and identify the keywords that are most appropriate for each page. Before becoming engaged in the study, it is recommended to divide websites into a few different templates so that the work can be done effectively and quickly.

The Google Keyword Planner is a useful tool for doing research on keywords, and you may use it if you are seeking for such a tool. Since it is completely free, you won’t ever have to worry about having to pay for expensive upgrades.

2. Internal Linking

Strategies for internal linking are quite necessary, particularly for websites that include a substantial quantity of material. They may greatly enhance the number of indexed pages and then distribute link equity among them. As programmatic SEO solutions are directly tied to creating hundreds or thousands of web pages, developing a killer internal link structure becomes important.

To construct an internal linking architecture, you may make use of the free tool provided by Yoast SEO. It’s free and helps you to boost your website’s crawling and navigation by establishing the appropriate internal linking structure essential to maximise your on-page SEO.

3. Identify Modifiers

Consumers who shop online may benefit from Google’s algorithms and search queries by discovering search results that are relevant and clever. You should make use of an SEO tool to receive keyword suggestions in order to satisfy their requirements about these questions. For example, Ubersuggest may act as a companion by providing keyword recommendations when you use it.

When doing keyword research, you should make using a variety of modifiers and parameters your top priority in order to have a successful programmatic SEO approach. Instead of giving material about the top hotels, it could make more sense to consider utilising factors like location and price, in addition to modifiers like in, under, and so on.

  1. Establish your own web pages.

After you have worked on your keyword strategy and finished all of your evaluations of your competitors, it is now time to start constructing your website’s pages. Keep in mind that you need to produce a large number of pages, each of which has to be unique in order to prevent creating duplicate content, which is harmful to SEO.

In addition, the style of your web pages should be carefully considered with regard to your target demographic and the services or products you provide for that demographic. When a prospective buyer or client sees one of your web sites, they should be interested in your content as well as the goods or services you provide from the very beginning of their experience. Or they result in a greater bounce rate for your website.


In this day and age, being able to connect with and gain the trust of millions of customers in your target demographic is a hugely valuable asset. Because of this, even while putting into action a programmatic SEO approach calls for a lot of labour and requires extensive study, the benefits more than justify the effort.

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